8. Junior Circuit Kicks Off with Tournaments Galore

PPP / T is our motto and tournaments are an ideal way to test the theory

This coming weekend a number of tournaments are taking place around the country and juniors ranging in age from 9 to 18 will be testing themselves against their peers in the hope of improving their Provincial rankings. The players who have prepared consistently over the past few weeks, will reap the benefits of their commitment while those who have had a haphazard training schedule may well be performing below their expectations.

By applying PPP/T a solid foundation is laid and the skills gained over the period, can be drawn on under pressure. Matches can either consolidate or unravel those skills, so having a variety of strengths in the draw is an advantage at this time in the season. Players using the easier matches to practise the newly acquired skills have an opportunity to practise them in and hopefully use during the tougher matches. By focusing on applying the newly acquired skills, the players tend to worry less about the scores and should therefore play better.

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