3. Back to the Drawing Board

After the IPT’s, it’s time to reflect and regroup

Once the dust has settled, it is time to reflect on the past 12 months. Think about what worked and what didn’t and set the ball in motion to get ready for the next season cause 2018 is around the corner.

This time of the year, the coaches spend quite a bit of time re-looking at the programs and doing an in depth analysis of all the wins and losses, as well as the results and final finishes of the top juniors. This process is done with an open mind and only once the emotions of the losses have subsided. At this time of the year, parents often have a knee jerk reaction and start planning a whole new training program to hopefully get their child to compete or play in the SA Top 10 in the next season. Although this is a perfectly normal reaction, it needs to be avoided as it doesn’t provide the results.

When reflecting on the past season, the following factors need to be kept in mind:

  1. Firstly and most importantly – attendance at training sessions – did the players attend consistently and put in the required effort at each of the sessions whether they enjoyed the drills or not?
  2. Did they participate in tournaments outside of their home ground?
  3. Did they do extra training or matches over and above the basic programme?

Going back to the drawing board and regrouping is an important part of the World of Squash programme. The coaches are critical of their own performance and know that the same cannot be done year after year, so there will be changes and there will be new activities added to the mix. Parents and coaches should sit and work the best plan for each player and see where positive changes can be made and implemented. The band aid approach to squash has never produced long term results and chopping and changing training programs has also never produced long term results.

Players who consistently perform at the top of their game, do just that … consistently perform in all aspects of the game. Consistently attend training, consistently play matches in leagues and tournaments as well as grab opportunities to play against stronger and different players and they consistently work on their improvement.
The process will get most players to the top, and by having a consistent approach to the game will also make the journey more enjoyable.

The 2018 season is around the corner, commit to consistency and use all the opportunities available that the programme offers, and in next 12 months, the results will be talking for themselves! Continue in an ad hoc fashion, and the results will also be ad hoc.

Now s the time to reflect and regroup and to get the plan together for 2018… with consistency.

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2. Winning the Workout – 1. 2. or 3

Your attitude to training is the altitude of your improvement

As we head into the new season, loaded with our goals for the next couple of months, let’s evaluate YOUR approach to training.
If we maintain a high intensity of exertion and concentration at the sessions, YOU will move into a new level. This will stand YOU in good stead when YOU play in that first tournament of the season.

This time of the year is of utmost importance as we are cementing the foundation towards the 2018 season AND ….

Your attitude to training is the altitude of your improvement!

Adapted from an Article by Wayne Goldsmith

ARE YOU A ? 1, 2 or 3
Watching the swim workout Saturday with the Sarasota Sharks reminded of how important it is to learn how to train. It also reminded what a big step this is in the development of the athlete. The group ranged from junior level world-class swimmers to fourteen year olds just finishing their fourth month with the senior group. The contrast in the workout was amazing to watch. Everyone did the workout.

  1. “Just doing it”
    For the young athletes you could tell that just showing up and doing the workout was good enough for them.
    The feeling is that if you do enough workouts like the older swimmers do, in other words punch the clock, then I will get better and be like them. Certainly true to a certain extent, but we know as coaches this will only get you so far.
  2. “Training it”
    Then you have the athletes who train the workout.
    They understand the goal of the workout and execute what is required. No real preparation beforehand or analysis afterword but they know how to execute the workout. They get more out of it in terms preparation to race.
  3. “Winning it”
    Then you have the big dogs, they get it. Their goal is to win the workout.
    They know how to train. They understand how the workout relates to later peak performance. They push themselves to be very uncomfortable, just like they have to push themselves in competition. This is where they all eventually need to be to achieve the possibility of success at a high level. Certainly not everyone can make it to this level, but that is where he or she should strive to be. To do that you have to learn how to train, it is a process that does not happen overnight.

Think about it ….
Are you showing up and just doing it?
Are you training the workout or are you winning the work out?

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1. “Green To Gold” SquashSA Coaches Conference

National roll out of the World of mini-SQUASH, World of SQUASH-FACTORY and S.P.A.S.S. BASIX SKILLZ programme to 50 coaches from all over South Africa. 

What an honour to have our programmes earmarked for rolling out country wide to all the coaches who have been invited by Squash SA to the Coaches Conference later in November.

The invited delegates will include 3-5 of the country’s top players and they will also be put through the paces by doing the SKILLZ test. Having their results as the bench mark will help the South African juniors to UP their game.

TOTBALL (4-8) was developed in Australia and 5x World champion Sarah FitzGerald was introduced to squash on this program. This fun approach can get kids as young as 4 years old going on a squash court by learning the FUNdamental skills as well as bat and ball skills

Each delegate will be given a starter pack which will include lesson plans, fun activities as well as the test.

SQUASH FACTORY (8-12) was developed in South Africa by the World of Squash coaches to include the older beginners into the Totball principles. This programme is aimed at the slightly older age group and also introduces the youngsters to the SKILLZ which will be done in the advanced programme. Movement patterns are also included in this package.

SKILLZ BASIX PROGRAM was developed by Australian coach Len Steward, and he has tested many of the top players in the world on the various levels. These players include Ong Beng Hee, Dan Jensen, Carol Owens, Vicky Cardwell, Rodney Martin and many more. This program is considered the top end and players reaching the MASTERFUL level should be very competitive on the World circuit.

To date, World of Squash can proudly record 9 Proteas and more than 80 SA Top 10 junior ranked players who reached the top of their game on these programs.

We look forward to the rest of the country taking up the challenge and our players getting tougher competition from other SKILLZ based players.

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