13. Malaysia tour feedback

promoting SKILLZ in squash

13. Malaysia tour feedback

October 25, 2018 Uncategorized 0

The Malaysia tour was all it was meant to be. Loads of on court time, matches, sightseeing and lots of laughter (even in the boiling heat)

Hong Kong is a squash players paradise. Besides all the sights and a vibrant culture, the accommodation at the Salisbury YMCA, (overlooking the harbour) included 2 squash courts at our disposal, which meant we didn’t need to face the Hong Kong crowds to get to a playing facility, but could book the training schedule as and when required. Matches against the Hong Kong regional team were an eye opener and a reality check for some of the players, but set the stage for a disciplined and determined ethos which was implemented throughout the tour.

Penang was hot, humid and great! The training sessions under Aaron Soyza and his team, with Wee Wern Low on hand were constructive, planned and progressive. Every session saw a break through, with players improving with each shot. The matches against the Penang players also proved valuable as players could apply the training sessions in match conditions.

All in all the players spent 12/14 days on court with at least 2 x 2 hour sessions per day. They saw the sights in both Hong Kong and Penang and last but not least, made some new squash friends – friends for life !

Thank you to the parents and players for affording us this priviledge ! It was a very worthwhile investment of both time and money. The return on the investment will be seen on the court.

All smiles at the MMA

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