14. Are you ready to PEAK

promoting SKILLZ in squash

14. Are you ready to PEAK

May 30, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Exams are dominating the day with long hours spent in front of the books, but as soon as the last paper is written our juniors will be heading off to the annual Inter Provincial Tournaments and will be expected to play the best squash of the year.

Are you prepared for that?

* Using study breaks for running, hitting or even just going for a brisk walk will keep your energy levels up and concentration good
* A good plant based supplement will ward off infections which break the immune system down
* Regular solo sessions focussing on SKILLZ will keep your racket work in check
* Good nutrition – small regular healthy meals will aid concentration, as well as keep you disease free
* A planned study vs break timetable
* A good nights SLEEP – every night

On 15 June we hope that you are fit and strong and ready for the challenge so that 2019 ends on a high note
GOOD LUCK to all our players