19. How to find a squash coach

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19. How to find a squash coach

March 18, 2020 Uncategorized 0

The first question that comes to mind is .. why do you need to find a squash coach?

  • If your child is in an organised program, the coaches who run the groups should either be used as the coach (you are looking for), or they should be advising you about finding a supplementary coach
  • If your child is not in an organised program, and you do not have access to an organised program.

These are the points to ponder :

  1. Does the coach have a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of the game
  2. Is the coach enthusiastic, energetic and reliable
  3. Does the coach have an official coaching qualification ?
  4. What is the coach’s coaching philosophy and does it compliment your programs philosophy
  5. What kind of approach does the coach have – planned progressive or lessons, or an ad hoc approach
  6. Does the lesson include technique correction and does this coach talk the same language as the program coach. If it is not the same, your child will be getting confusing and even conflicting advice
  7. Does the coach keep a record of session done – to ensure continuation?
  8. Does the coach give homework, solo training drills and things to work on in between sessions
  9. Has the coach been seen at tournaments – or how will he / she know what happens under pressure
  10. What success has the coach shown with regards to results of his / her players
  11. Coaches who are committed to coaching will have put in some extra activities to improve their own level of coaching – attend conferences, subscribe to coaching channels like SquashSkills etc

There are a number of coaches / ex players who are advocating themselves as top coaches and who convince parents that their child will only improve under their care. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Find out, get referrals and investigate the results of each coach to ensure that your child gets the best support they deserve.

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