5. “Drive Thru” Sessions

promoting SKILLZ in squash

5. “Drive Thru” Sessions

May 31, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Consolidating technique through use of the ball machine while also focussing on movement, drills and skillz

It’s new and an innovative way to improve your squash. The month of May is filled with tournaments, league matches and the prestigious Top schools event. Team up with a partner (of similar strength) and enjoy a morning of squash where all the main areas required for top performance will be dealt with having three qualified coaches present – to ensure that each aspect of the game is covered.

Using a staggered starting time means the centre isn’t crowded or “busy” and assists players to focus on the job at hand.

Court 1 is the starting point for all players as they arrive. The coach will be ready to give them a good warm up, balance work, strength as well as some agility work.
After 20 minutes, the players will move to court 2 where they will do Skillz under the watchful eye of the coach who will time as well as correct as they go along.
Court 3 will be conditioned game and drills court which the players will do at their own level and pace before heading off to court 4 where their technique will be consolidated using the ball machine.

The principle of “Repetition is the mother of learning” is applied on the final court, where the coach will be correcting as well as consolidating the basic shots before sending the players home. Through the morning players will all start their drive-thru on court 1 and finish off on court 4, then do their own stretch down before going home. 80 minutes of on court work with a 1 minute water break for each team will result in improvement and better performance at the tournaments which are listed through the month of May.

Enjoy the drive-thru and love the improvement it will bring.