1. “Green To Gold” SquashSA Coaches Conference

promoting SKILLZ in squash

1. “Green To Gold” SquashSA Coaches Conference

May 31, 2018 Uncategorized 0

National roll out of the World of mini-SQUASH, World of SQUASH-FACTORY and S.P.A.S.S. BASIX SKILLZ programme to 50 coaches from all over South Africa. 

What an honour to have our programmes earmarked for rolling out country wide to all the coaches who have been invited by Squash SA to the Coaches Conference later in November.

The invited delegates will include 3-5 of the country’s top players and they will also be put through the paces by doing the SKILLZ test. Having their results as the bench mark will help the South African juniors to UP their game.

TOTBALL (4-8) was developed in Australia and 5x World champion Sarah FitzGerald was introduced to squash on this program. This fun approach can get kids as young as 4 years old going on a squash court by learning the FUNdamental skills as well as bat and ball skills

Each delegate will be given a starter pack which will include lesson plans, fun activities as well as the test.

SQUASH FACTORY (8-12) was developed in South Africa by the World of Squash coaches to include the older beginners into the Totball principles. This programme is aimed at the slightly older age group and also introduces the youngsters to the SKILLZ which will be done in the advanced programme. Movement patterns are also included in this package.

SKILLZ BASIX PROGRAM was developed by Australian coach Len Steward, and he has tested many of the top players in the world on the various levels. These players include Ong Beng Hee, Dan Jensen, Carol Owens, Vicky Cardwell, Rodney Martin and many more. This program is considered the top end and players reaching the MASTERFUL level should be very competitive on the World circuit.

To date, World of Squash can proudly record 9 Proteas and more than 80 SA Top 10 junior ranked players who reached the top of their game on these programs.

We look forward to the rest of the country taking up the challenge and our players getting tougher competition from other SKILLZ based players.