11. Back to the drawing board

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11. Back to the drawing board

June 29, 2018 Uncategorized 0

The IPT’s marked the end of the 2018 season and many players are pondering their  pathway forward. Matches were won and some were lost. Matches went well and others not so well.

Squash is a process which includes wins and losses and the progress or rankings are calculated over a period of time. Once-off wins will be taken into account, but the history between two players will also be considered. The systematic improvement between wins and losses will give the end result on the rankings.

When the new season kicks off in September, many players will move into a higher age group. The whole ball game changes with bigger and stronger opponents – resulting a lower and harder squash. Adapting to these conditions can take some doing and training also needs to adapt to cope. Playing against older and more mature players can also have an intimidation factor which some struggle with and matches can be won or lost in the process.

The World of Squash training program has developed over many years and has a built in factor to prepare the players for the challenges ahead. There isn’t time to panic, but to get back into the swing of things through a systematic and progressive approach, doing what is needed at the right time.

What’s done is done and the celebrations need to continue, but if the final results are not what was expected, the whole year lies ahead to re look at goals and to work on a plan to achieve those goals

2019 – here we come

“Winning is a consequence of SKILLS work”