promoting SKILLZ in squash


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7 – 10 January 2021 sees some of the top juniors in the country descend into Die HS Menlopark hostels. Rodney Durbach – Ex National champ (and still a strong PSA contender) –  will head the list of qualified and experienced coaches. Players range in age from 12 – 20 and with the use of all the club facilities close to the University, will train in their skills level to ensure that every player gets a head start to the 2021 season, which starts just two weeks later.

The theme of the HP Camp will be “relax and enjoy” and sessions with Hadrian Stiff will re-inforce the fluidity of movement, rhythm and swing. Mohammed el Shorbagy has been following this regime for the past 10 years and gained world number 1 status using it.

World renowned, Allistair McCaw will do a Q+A with the group, focusing on “being champion minded”, while Nicki de Villiers – herself an ex Protea basketball player, will assist with guiding the players to “eat like a champion”. The senior players will do a question and answer session with Nicki. .

The on court sessions will vary from high to low intensity, according to the level planned for the day – with the focus being on sharpening up but still laying a strong foundation for the season ahead. Having a different training partner at each session adds to the value as players need to adjust to a different opponent in every match they play.

The coaching staff are all highly qualified and have many years of experience running these camps. Menanto Malan joins the Coaching team after having attended many of these camps as a junior. Menanto was a Top 10 junior who represented the SA Schools team in Malaysia and grew up within the TuksSquash junior system. She is a qualified Biokineticist and will do a fitness evaluation on each of the players. This info will be valuable in taking forward, as players will have something to work with once at home.

We look forward to having the players fly-in on Thursday 7 January 2021, and enjoying four days of squash, squash squash.