promoting SKILLZ in squash


January 1, 2023 Uncategorized 0

After lock downs, covid, and stay at home instructions – we are finally back to a full season and are looking forward to building the game back to where it was. Most provinces are seeing the “covid casualty phase” – numbers and standards have dropped, more parents are working full time and some players have had setbacks from covid. The good news is that we have an exciting year ahead with many activities and events taking place. We are looking forward to having you back at the courts, parents being more involved and the cream rising to the top again.

The formula to being a top squash player is simple = time on court, following a planned program and committing to that specific program. Being aware that all youngsters progress in stages and that their are window-periods in the development pathway that must be utilized. Step by step mastering of the basics.

Top 10 tips :
1. All the World of Squash / TuksSquash parents are encouraged to attend the PARENTS MEETINGS – where the year, planning, budgets etc will be discussed.
2. Regular attendance at all training sessions, as well as, extra sessions are vitally important so that the players are consistently on the right track to wards their goals.
3. 100% support from parents is a vital component – getting the youngsters to their sessions is becoming more and more challenging. Talk to the coaches if it has become impossible. They are part of the journey.
4. Keep updated on what is being done at a session.
5. Follow the advise of the coach who spends the most time on court with your child – especially when it comes to squash outside of the program.
eg : Playing against an adult isn’t always the best decision until the player is ready for it. Talk to the coach if there is a family member who plays squash, so that the member becomes part of the process.
6. Only play in the recommended tournaments. Too many tournaments break down the technique that has been built up.
7. Buy appropriate equipment. Having a top of the range racket when the players are still beginners or intermediate is not going to help the youngster to improve. The racket will break !
8. Keep in contact with the coach. the program is big and the coaches cannot contact every parent all the time, but will be more than happy to respond to queries.
9. Help the youngsters to eat healthy meals – at school as well as on the way to squash.
Please respect our rules : no fizzy drinks at the courts, no chocolates and as part of our environmental pledge – no single-use plastic bottles at the courts.
10. Enjoy the journey. None of the players are professional yet. They are still developing into squash players and results can yo-yo. React to losses the same way as to a win, where the focus is not on the score but on fair play and sportsmanship.

The 5 x P’s of squash = participation, perseverance, perspiration and then performance but always with the parents.